#1 Vet Recommended Fresh Dog Food For Weight Loss.
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Human-Grade Fresh.
Huge Portions.
Calorie Restricted.

The only fresh food that’s actually designed for weight loss.

Other fresh brands
Huge Portions
Formulated for weight maintenance and loss
Fortified for safe calorie restriction
Low Fat
High Protein
Premium Pork Tenderloin
Russet Potato
Butternut Squash

The difference is real.

Ingredients include: Pork tenderloin, russet potato, butternut squash, barley, zucchini, carrot, broccoli, pork loin, green pea, sunflower oil, psyllium husk, Icelandic kep, salt, fish oil.
Better than prescription kibble.
Dogs that eat prescription kibble don’t like the taste and keep begging because portions are too small. If it doesn’t work for them, it’t not going to work for you.

Vet Recommended

He hasn’t come up the stairs because he has bad hips in 2 years and now he’s at the top of the stairs each morning. We’ve seen improvement in his weight a short period of time, and I cant tell you how important that is for a parents motivation.
-Dr Jean Pitcairn, DVM
Improvement you can see. Fast.
Tools and Support Throughout The Entire Weight Loss Journey
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Help your dog reach their ideal weight.
Your Healthy Weight Dog will live 2 years longer and cost less at the vet.
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