We’ve got weight loss down to a science.
Our tools help diagnose your dog’s precise condition, and design a personalized solution.

Losing weight helps overweight dogs live longer.

Studies show that healthy weight dogs live up to two years longer than overweight dogs.
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Our weight loss quiz creates a personalized weight loss plan based on your dog’s specific condition.
Target: 44 lb
-20% total weight loss
Our quiz shares individualized insights about your dog’s health.
Body condition score
BCS 7   Clinical obesity class II
Lucy’s BCS is 20% above normal.


A high BCS leads to an increased risk of health problems, such as heart disease, breathing complications, and certain cancers. To lower BCS, adjust Lucy’s nutrition and exercise routine.
Effects of Obesity
2.3 years decreased life expectancy

Happy is not expected to live as long as other healthy-weight male dachshunds. It’s not set in stone - with a calorie restricted diet, Happy could live 16.3% longer.

Decrease your vet bills

By losing weight, 81% of dogs like Smush decreased their vet bills, some as much as $450 per month.

Our recommended weight loss plans include fresh food designed for calorie restriction and portioned for your success.
Our software is integrated into vet medical records to study dogs and customize nutrition plans.
Greyhound, age 2
1,462 cals
English Bulldog, age 4
1,140 cals
Welsh Corgi, age 3
674 cals
Scottish Terrier, age 11
550 cals

We learned that healthy weight management comes in all shapes and sizes

The only weight loss program that measures activity tracking
We use activity tracking to balance calories in with calories out, and to help create sustainable healthy habits.
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