At Breed Science, we’re on a mission to help dogs live longer.

We believe that veterinarians are the key to improving wellness, so we built a customized nutrition platform integrated directly into vet medical records.

As life-long dog parents, we learned that different breeds have different needs, and food shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all.
  • Greyhound | 1,462 cals
  • English Bulldog | 1,140 cals
  • Welsh Corgi | 674 cals
  • Scottish Terrier | 550 cals
We celebrate the diversity of dog breeds by customizing nutrition for what makes each dog different & special
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We believe in...

Meet our founders

Trey Steidle
Trey is the proud parent of Smush, the English bulldog and Shark, the standard poodle. Smush and Shark couldn’t be more different. They inspired Trey to make dog food that would support their different needs.
CJ Gottuso
CJ and his Vizsla, Oakley, run together almost every day. Since he is an extremely active dog, Oakley's nutrition needs special attention so he stays healthy enough for strenuous activity. CJ wanted to make sure Oakley had the right diet for his athletic lifestyle so he asked his veterinarian to help him customize a nutrition plan.

Loved by vets, dogs, and press alike

“Breed Science works with veterinarians to determine an individual dog’s health needs”
“Owners can get healthy dog food.”
“Proper nutrition is extremely important in helping both us and our pets live long, healthy lives.”