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Our Food
Who’s formulating your recipes?

Our food and supplement recipes are developed by a team of experts, which includes two Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists® and several PhD nutritionists before being rigorously (and repeatedly) tested in partnership with a third-party analytics testing laboratory to ensure our formulations exceed standards set by AAFCO.

What kind of ingredients do you use?

We rely exclusively on whole food ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers in the US. We don’t touch feed-grade ingredients and never process our food beyond gentle, sous-vide cooking so that we’re able to retain maximal nutritional benefit.

Our team of Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists® and PhD nutritionists are the experts who then take our high-quality ingredients and ensure they’re incorporated into our diets in proportions that guarantee a 100% complete and balanced meal for your dog!

How is the food cooked?

Our meals are prepared in USDA kitchens that are otherwise cooking human food products you’ll find in your local grocery store. We use a gentle, sous-vide cooking style for each ingredient, which ensures a precise temperature and maximizes the retention of the nutritional content. From there, our food is then quickly frozen (NOT deep frozen) for safe shipping and easy storage. We’re proud to offer the freshest, highest-quality food without any of the preservatives you find in kibble.

Why should I feed fresh?

The kibble we’ve gotten used to feeding our pets certainly contains the appropriate nutrients for our dogs, but we firmly believe that the link between nutrition and a long, healthy life is so strong that to feed your pup this highly processed food is equivalent to relying strictly on fast food to nourish ourselves. Among other things, research has found that dogs eating kibble alone or in combination with other foods tend to have higher inflammation and obesity rates. Moreover, the commercial pet food manufacturing process produces a variety of harmful chemicals and reactions that add to the danger of eating this “fast food for dogs.”

We’re convinced after reading the research that the key to a longer lifespan and healthspan lies in feeding your dog an optimally portioned fresh food diet and making sure your pup has adequate opportunity to exercise on a daily basis. We’ve seen first hand the positive effects eating fresh has on our dogs!

Do I need to refrigerate my dog’s food?

Yup! We prepare fresh food absent any preservatives so it’s critical that you treat it like you would your own food.  The food will stay fresh in the freezer for up to 6 months and in the fridge for up to 5 days.  Once the food package is thawed and opened, make sure your dog chose down within 4 days.

How it works
How do I sign up?

You’ll need to visit one of our affiliate veterinary clinics to meet with a veterinary professional who can tailor a diet for your pup’s unique needs!  To finish the signup process after meeting with your vet requires limited additional information and a few clicks.  After that, you can expect a shipment directly to your home on a weekly basis.

We’re constantly expanding our network to make sure we can reach as many people as possible! If you’re outside of our current network, you can meet our vet on Zoom® to get set up.

How does the subscription work?

After signing up, we charge your credit card before each biweekly shipment. Your subscription is set to auto-renew with no contract period. You can pause or cancel a shipment at any time.

Can I have subscriptions for multiple dogs?

Yes.  Each dog will have their own subscription. You can pause or cancel individual subscriptions and, of course, all your dogs’ subscriptions can be managed in the same customer account.

How much does it cost?

All puppies eat for $7 per day. While adult dogs start at $7 per day, the pricing depends on your dog’s body size (see our food page for more pricing details).  However, your pup’s portions are based on more than just body size.  We consider age, weight, activity level and gender among several other factors to determine your dog’s caloric needs. 

How do I cancel or suspend my subscription?

You can suspend your subscription right from your account page to cancel your subscription please contact us at You can reactivate it at any time.

Why does my veterinarian need to be involved?

We rely on your veterinarian’s expertise to achieve two things:

(1) the optimal nutritional composition (i.e., combination of food and supplements), and

(2) precise portioning of your meal plan.


We believe the importance of dialing in nutritional composition is recognized by many pet parents and veterinary professionals today.  However, what we feel is underappreciated by pet parents is the critical role portioning plays in your dog’s health.  Research has found that restricting portions (or portioning more precisely) has the power to extend our dogs’ lives for as long as two years!   So, by recruiting your veterinarian, we’re tapping into the expertise of a professional with first-hand knowledge of your pup’s current condition and is thus best suited to craft an individualized nutrition plan for your dog!

How do I ensure I’m able to properly portion the food you send to me?

In your shipment, you will receive a feeding instructions card and custom scooper that will enable you to measure the exact amount of food needed at each of your pup’s meals.  

What if my local veterinarian is not currently an affiliate?

Let us know and we’ll reach out!  Fill out your information along with your vet’s details on our website.  We’re always looking to expand our network of veterinary affiliates and appreciate any opportunity to spread the word about how valuable their expertise is in the precision portioning of fresh food for our dogs!

Moving Product
How do your shipments work?

We currently offer shipping to the 48 contiguous states.  We’ll ship your pup’s meal plan to you on a biweekly basis and you should receive your package within two days after shipping in environmentally friendly packaging.  We’re carefully watching your dog’s mealtime needs to make sure you never run out of food!

Do I need to be present when the order is delivered?

No.  You will receive shipping updates and a delivery notification via email. Our packaging, insulation and ice packs are meant to keep your food safe and cold beyond the scheduled delivery date.

Are there shipping costs?

There are no shipping costs.  While we partner with your veterinarian to ensure precise portioning for your dog, Breed Science ships the food directly to you on a biweekly basis.  With no retail presence, there’s no need to pass any unnecessary overhead onto you!

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