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Need a paw?

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How frequently is the food shipped?

We ship your dog’s custom food bi-weekly. (that's every two weeks)

How does the subscription work?

After signing up, we charge your credit card before each shipment every two weeks. Your subscription is set to auto-renew with no contract period. you can pause a shipment any time.

How much does it cost?

all puppies eat for $7 per day. adult dogs start at $7 per day and the prices depend on the body size. See our food page for pricing details.

Can I have subscriptions for multiple different dogs?

Each dog has their own subscription. you can pause individual subscriptions and of course all your dogs subscriptions can be managed in the same customer account.

How quickly does it ship?

You should receive your package two days after shipping.

Do I need to be present when the order is delivered?

you will receive shipping updates via email. When your package is delivered, you will be notified by email. you do not need to be present for delivery to be completed.

Are there shipping costs?

There are no shipping costs.

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